Thursday, 16 October 2008

NEW John Frusciante album NEWS. The Empyrean

The correct spelling for the new album’s name is The Empyrean rather than The Imperium. Many thanks to “Lil Z” for confirming this here and possibly on a third-party online forum as well. I have chosen to believe them and I hope all of you will choose to believe them, too.

Now what? Why believe it? Does this make any sense? To the person writing this, it does! It makes much more sense. It makes perfect sense for anyone who’s read Dante Alighieri’s work and to people who are familiar with religious philosophies all over the world’s major religions.

Courtesy of Invisible-Movement

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Aether Elysian said...

The news of John Dante Frusciante's upcoming album, 'The Empyrean' has left me no other choice but to purchase adult diapers.

I couldn't be more thrilled by this news. Unless of course, he decides to bring his music live to Minneapolis.

Thank you and peace to one and all!

Haether Elysian