Monday, 14 December 2009

More respected music journalists report the exit of John Frusciante

It has been reported by the NME here:

Strange Glue:

Gig Wise:

They all pretty much say the same thing, with the same quotes. But it's seeming more and more likely everyday with the amount of people that are reporting it.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Further 'evidence' that John Frusciante has left The Chili Peppers

It would appear that John Frusciante is no longer working with the Red Hot Chili Peppers - so says a source close to the band in an exclusive interview with MusicRadar.

"Josh Klinghoffer has been playing with the group for a couple of months now," says the source. "Optimistically, the Peppers are trying to lock down a replacement for John, who has apparently quit.

"Mentally, John checked out a long time ago. He's interested in doing his own thing, his own albums - the whole big rock band machinery just doesn't appeal to him anymore."

No surprise

The news that Frusciante has quit can hardly be viewed as surprising. During a podcast interview with MusicRadar earlier this year, the guitarist was lost for words during a routine question about the status of the group. He paused for nearly 30 seconds (later edited) before awkwardly stating that the Peppers had "no plans."

Frusciante also refused to be introduced to be as 'guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers,' preferring instead to be called, simply, 'guitarist.'


Oddly enough, Klinghoffer is not only friends with the Chili Peppers but with Fruscinate as well. "Josh has been on everybody's radar for quite some time," says the source. "He's extremely popular within a certain circle of LA musicians.

"The big thing right now that the band will have to consider is, Can Josh write great songs? Can he help push them forward? Everybody knows he can play, but the Peppers need somebody who can come up with amazing material and get them moving again."

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Credible websites suggest that John Fruscinate has left the band

It's not looking too good.

Excerpt from buzzbands:

I hear the Red Hot Chili Peppers are writing music for a 10th album, but without John Frusciante. Guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who toured with the Peppers as a second axeman (and who also has played with Gnarls Barkley, Beck and PJ Harvey), is involved.

Excerpt from buddyhead:

Looks like John Frusciante up and quit on his homeboys. Cuz our buddy Josh Klinghoffer is the new guitar player in Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Drinks are on you dude. Better figure out what sock size your dick is STAT.

Flea performs with The Pixies at a marathon benefit concert.

Pixies front man Black Francis wielded his weighty Rolodex and called on an all-star cast to perform at a marathon benefit concert last night at Los Angeles club the Echoplex. The five-and-a-half-hour extravaganza featured sets by Tenacious D, OK Go, members of the Pixies, Grand Duchy, Flea, David J and Kevin Haskins of Love and Rockets and 'Weird' Al Yankovic, to name a few. All of the artists donated their time and talents to help Winston Bertrand, a 10-month-old boy born with severe lymphatic malformations that require extensive medical treatment.

...Capping off the night was Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea, who played bass on Pixies classics 'Vamos' and 'Where Is My Mind.'

"I've never played with so many different people in one night," Francis gushed after the show. "There were a lot of really magical moments!"

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Stadium Arcadium no.74 in Rolling Stone's '100 Best Albums of the Decade'

The title says it all really.

View the full list HERE.

Friday, 11 December 2009

RHCP No.09 in The Daily Mails "50 best albums of the Noughties"

9. RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: By The Way (Warner Bros., 2002)

WITH guitarist John Frusciante pulling the strings, the Chilis abandoned punk and funk to deliver the best Californian rock album since The Beach Boys.

Key track: Universally Speaking.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Keep Your Pants On Boys! have released a list of "5 artists who should have kept their pants on".

The Red Hots come in at 4,this is what the site has to say about them:

4. The Red Hot Chili Peppers - Por favor, senors. Keep the briefs on the buns and the socks on the feet.

Others in the list included Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

HERE to view the original article.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

XFM place Chili Peppers - Can't Stop as 80th best song of the decade

Red Hot Chili Peppers - 'Can't Stop'
The Chili Peppers only released two albums in the last decade, but they were both corkers. This track comes from 2002's "By The Way".

Yeah, they were clearly so good that only one got in their list :P

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Who is Josh Klinghoffer?

Well there has been a lot of rumours floating around recently about RHCP and John Frusciante.

One of those rumours is that John is leaving (or indeed has left) and is being (or already has been) replaced by Josh Klinghoffer.

So...Who is he?

Well, he's 30, he's from L.A., he is a musician (obviously), a songwriter and he is a producer.

He's a multi-instrumentalist: Drums, Guitar, Synthesizer, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals

Red Hot Chili Peppers related info

He toured with them in 2007 supplying guitar, vocals, percussion and synthesizers.

He has appeared on 7 albums with John Frusciante.

He has also appeared live with John.

Other acts he's worked with

He has toured with great acts such as Butthole Surfers, Beck, PJ Harvey and Gnarls Barkley.

He has also appeared on records by Perry Farrell, PJ Harvey, Gnarls Barkley and Neon Neon.

"I'm now pretty sure John HAS left. Here's why... "

These are the words of an administrator on the Stadium Arcadium fan forum website. This person seems very trustworthy, as you would expect being an administrator of the site, and has made of 3,500 posts.

This is the message:

"I've been speaking to someone via e-mail over the past month and this person claimed to have close connections with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. At first I just thought it was a typical time waster making false claims, but the more I've been speaking to this person, the more I've become convinced that what they're saying is credible. It's not just because of what they've told me, it's also because of the information they've cited to me too. Everything collaborates with what's been going on over the past few months.

Essentialy they've told me that John Frusciante left because his heart just wasn't in it anymore and he was more interested in doing other things like producing and working on his own private projects. Apparently John DID join the chili peppers when they went back to the studio recently to rehearse, but John became too overbearing and this caused conflict in the band and he left as a result. The reason Chad said that he wasn't allowed to answer questions about John is because there are still hopes that he will return to the studio.

I'm only telling you this now as this person I've been speaking to has finally given me permission to reveal this information. They've told me this in good faith so I didn't want to jeopardize the level of trust I have with said person by posting this information up earlier. This person has also told me a few additional things which I've promised to keep private until I'm told otherwise, but these things also serve to increase my belief almost completely in what this person has told me. It's because of this that I'm stating that I'm willing to say that I personally think that John has left.

I really hope said person is wrong and my judgement is wrong too, but I really do think it's true now. I know this information still doesn't bring us any closer to some sense of resolve, but I just felt that I should share this with the fans because I am now almost certainly convinced that this is true."

To see the original message and to view the replies click HERE.

Anthony's dad says "ak reports good progress on the album. HBO still alive."

This was posted at 23:19 5 Dec 2009 on his myspace page.

HERE to view his page :)

This is obviously a very good sign that everything is going well and we will get an album at some point quite soon.

BUT the big question, is John Frusciante involved?

fingers crossed.

Rick Rubin voted the best music producer by musicradar

Given that he’s helmed albums from the likes of The Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Neil Diamond, it would be difficult to argue that there’s a more versatile producer than Rubin. It’s hard to define exactly what he brings to a record, but in most cases, the key word is success. A 2009 nomination for his work on Metallica’s Death Magnetic emphasised that, whatever it is he has, it’s still working.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

RZA Inspired By John Frusciante To Make Music For Free

Thanks to guitarist John Frusciante, the Wu-Tang mastermind tells Mixtape Daily he's 'past' worrying about profit or critics.

Beats by RZA for free? What's the catch? The super-producer has come a long way from charging 20 G's a session.

"Musically, I got a friend of mine that's given me a big musical lesson," RZA explained to us recently in NYC. "His name is John Frusciante from the [Red Hot] Chili Peppers. He said to me that he doesn't make music no more for profit or people. Those that like it, love it or don't love it — he doesn't worry about the critics. He has enough financial security that he doesn't have to never sell music again. I don't have the same security, because I got so many family members. I'm never gonna be rich enough."

Still, with money coming from Hollywood, books and other ventures, the rap legend is letting the music flow freely, making dozens of records in 2009 just for his own enjoyment.

"I go to [Frusciante's] house a lot and make music with him," RZA said. "We just make music. I've made 100 songs this year, and probably nobody won't hear them but us who made it. It feels good, yo. It feels good to do it with no strings attached. Not having to worry about if somebody is gonna criticize it, if it's gonna sell. I'm past that. That's a great place to be. I did a project recently with Damon Dash, the BlakRoc project with the Black Keys. He said, 'RZA, if you in town, come by the studio and hang out. I got a few guys that like you. Maybe y'all can do some music together.' I went through, we had a good vibe, did a little smoking. We just did music. It's coming out. I don't know who got paid, who did what. I got nothing. It's nothing for me. It's an expression of art. It feels good to do it that way. That's how we started out."

Click HERE to see the article and watch the accompanying video.