Sunday, 6 December 2009

"I'm now pretty sure John HAS left. Here's why... "

These are the words of an administrator on the Stadium Arcadium fan forum website. This person seems very trustworthy, as you would expect being an administrator of the site, and has made of 3,500 posts.

This is the message:

"I've been speaking to someone via e-mail over the past month and this person claimed to have close connections with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. At first I just thought it was a typical time waster making false claims, but the more I've been speaking to this person, the more I've become convinced that what they're saying is credible. It's not just because of what they've told me, it's also because of the information they've cited to me too. Everything collaborates with what's been going on over the past few months.

Essentialy they've told me that John Frusciante left because his heart just wasn't in it anymore and he was more interested in doing other things like producing and working on his own private projects. Apparently John DID join the chili peppers when they went back to the studio recently to rehearse, but John became too overbearing and this caused conflict in the band and he left as a result. The reason Chad said that he wasn't allowed to answer questions about John is because there are still hopes that he will return to the studio.

I'm only telling you this now as this person I've been speaking to has finally given me permission to reveal this information. They've told me this in good faith so I didn't want to jeopardize the level of trust I have with said person by posting this information up earlier. This person has also told me a few additional things which I've promised to keep private until I'm told otherwise, but these things also serve to increase my belief almost completely in what this person has told me. It's because of this that I'm stating that I'm willing to say that I personally think that John has left.

I really hope said person is wrong and my judgement is wrong too, but I really do think it's true now. I know this information still doesn't bring us any closer to some sense of resolve, but I just felt that I should share this with the fans because I am now almost certainly convinced that this is true."

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