Monday, 9 March 2009

Red Hot Chili Peppers downgraded (spoof article)

This is a spoof article courtesy of The Spoof...enjoy!

American Drug Rock group the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been downgraded to Slightly Warming Chilli Peppers after it was revealed that lead singer Anthony Kiedis is brought out in a rash by any kind of capsicum.

"It's quite bizarre, man," said guitarist, Flea. "Like we've been called the Peppers for so long now, and nobody thought to actually eat one."

"Yeah," said on-off member Frusciante. "We were in a Hut on the Boulevard when Flea thought it would be cool to order the Really Hot One, which has like, tons of peppers on it."

Blushing slightly, Keidis admitted his problem: "I took one bit of the pizza and I felt my lips swell up like a glamour model's lips. It felt like my face was melting, and I had sweat pouring into my diet soda."

"He had a map of South America on cheeks, only red!" laughed Flea. "It was hilarious. If I hadn't been so chilled, I'd have puked."

Fans of the band, whose hits include Califorinication and By the Way, are quite distressed at the news."You'd have thought that they'd have tried peppers before calling their band after them," said Charlie Dustin, organiser of Red Hot and Peppery, the band's fansite. "I'm never listening to them again, and I'm going to start following Pink!"


Christine said...

This article is so funny ^^ BTW: I think you should update/keep posting at the blog, I like it (found it through stadium-arcadium) :)

Christine said...

I'm linking to your blog at mine, is that ok?

The Burnley Barracuda said...

Hi, yeah that's great that your linking to my blog :) I'll try my best to keep the blog updated. It's a bit difficult when there's little news floating around, we could do with a new album and tour.