Monday, 24 August 2009

Chad Smith on Chili Peppers future

You just joked about it, but the question is, how can you divide your time between three different bands?

"Luckily, everybody is very cool about my situation. The Chickenfoot guys, who I love dearly, they've been great about the fact that, come October, I'm going to be doing the Chili Peppers again. They could have acted not so cool about it, but they knew going into this that I was still part of the Chilis."

Is October when you originally saw going back to the Chili Peppers?

"Hard to say. We initially decided on a year's break, then that turned out to be two years. It could've been longer. It's been a very fruitful time for us: I did Chickenfoot and the Meatbats, Flea went back to school, Anthony's been doing a TV project.

"It's was important to be people again. We've traveled, had babies, hung out with our families - lived our lives, you know? So now we're very fired up to give the Chili Peppers our all."

Do you have any demos written?

"There's ideas floating around. One of them dates back to 1999, I think. Flea, Anthony and I did jam recently. That felt good. But as far as demos go, we'll just start writing in October."

What about John Frusciante? He's the one guy who's always been in question. In fact, earlier this year he told me that there were "no plans" to do anything with the Chili Peppers.

"I know he said that. Like all of us, he was coming out of a real Chili Peppers pressure-cooker. I'll be honest: I haven't seen John, but Flea had a sit-down with him recently, and from what I understand it was very positive. I have every reason to believe that, come October, we'll all four be making music again as the Chili Peppers. John's a very important component of the band. I love the guy. He's an incredible musician."
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