Tuesday, 1 September 2009

NEW John Frusciante Interview

People are going to ask again. You have not publicly spoken about The Red Hot Chili Peppers future in music. The other guys in the band have. Are you still with the band?

I don’t address rumors. Music is priority. The rest is nice but I don’t go out of my way to address rumors. Rumors are boring. I have not quit my band.

But you do agree the press can help make or break a band, right?

(laughs) Yes. Music will always stand alone. Music will always have an underground scene. Yes. Press plays an important role for the cross over. You and I disagree sometimes. You know I won’t ever want to do music to commericalize it. I know some of your clients are doing music to make money. It doesn’t mean they are not talented, it just means their hearts are not in the right place. I make money too but it was not the reason I got into music. Music is my first love.

Speaking of music, what are you listening to?

The last three songs I played are Sweet Sunlight by Ten Feet. They are out of Hawaii. Um, Renan Luce’s La Lettre. I know that is one we both like. Oh, and Trouble is a Friend by Lenka. Really like that song. I like the remix version.

Anything you are looking forward to?

The new season of It is always sunny in Philadelphia. I will say your book too. It is shameless and you can be mad. I just know it is a goal of yours so more than the story I think it is important to get it out there.

Any plans to play with Camp Freddy? Dave Navarro said you are the best guitar, are something to the effect.

I won’t say no.

Strangest thing about your fame?

People assume when I am done with a show with my band I want to talk about gear. I do want to talk about it. It is a passion. Just sometimes the spirits feel otherwise and I have to go and write or spend time with my friends.

Want to address to recent cancellation with Bangface?

Not really.

Any advise to offer for other musicians?

Um, really to play around with effects and try not to loose sight of their writing. Your heart and the universe has a way of making things evolve. Greed is a terrible character trait. Do things out of purity for the love of it.

Courtesy of The Horse Chronicles

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