Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Chad is gagging to drum for Jimmy Page

Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith says Jimmy Page has written and recorded new music, and he’s itching to get out and play live.

The pair share the same managers, and Smith admits he’d love to play with Page if the chance arose.

Meanwhile, Zep singer Robert Plant has revealed he’s bored with constant reunion rumours and wishes everyone would move on – because he has.

Smith tells Ultimate Guitar: “I’d like to play with Jimmy. Who wouldn’t, though? We have the same managers and he used to come to some of our gigs. I was like, ‘Man, do you want a rhythm section?’ He smiled. I could play Led Zeppelin songs all day – it was my favourite band.

“But supposedly he has a bunch of ideas and a bunch of stuff recorded. That’s what I’ve heard. I can tell he wants to play. He’s frustrated.”

Smith admits there would be “five million” drummers in the queue with him; and in the real world he’s just happy the Chili Peps are still going strong after 25 years. They’re back at work after a two-year break, with Josh Klinghoffer having replaced guitarist John Frusciante, and plan to release a new album next year with festival dates throughout the summer.

The drummer says: “I’m so fortunate – I get to play with the best musicians. We’re still happy to be doing what we’re doing. I want to keep getting better as a person, a musician, a friend, a dad and a husband. It all goes together.”

Smith’s side-project Chickenfoot are also recording a new album, but are planning to tour without him due to his Chili Peps commitments. Smith has said he doesn’t care who replaces him on the road.

Meanwhile, Plant has sought to stop any further talk of a Led Zeppelin reunion after he joined the band for a one-off show three years ago and decided not to pursue a full comeback.

The singer tells Tourdates: “It’s almost as if people can’t see I have other projects. It’s like a woman with white heels and a pencil skirt passing by will attract my eyes, but most will miss it completely.”

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