Thursday, 20 November 2008

Anthony Kiedis talks about HBO series "Scar Tissue"

Anthony Kiedis has shed some more light on Scar Tissue, the upcoming HBO series about his life. Speaking to, Kiedis says, "I've already shed my tears and yelled. The painful part is behind me. Now, it is fun. It is a project I get to do with my father later in his life -- when he is ready to reflect."

He also adds that the show will feature, quote, "naked women and profanity." Finally, Kiedis promises, "It will have one of the best soundtracks on TV."As reported last week, the HBO series will focus not on Kiedis' life with THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, but on his youth -- specifically, the move from Michigan to Hollywood with his drug-dealer dad.

The singer's 2004 autobiography was also called ScarTissue, but the HBO series will not be based directly on the book.

Courtesy of 93 X Rocks

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