Sunday, 9 November 2008

Snippet of new John Frusciante interview

As we all know, Tanya Vece of The Horse Chronicles indie zine is a long-term fan of John, has previously interviewed him on a couple of occasions and regardless of the version of the zine, there's always a page reserved for a little John tribute.

So...she interviewed him again. And the whole interview will be available on 15th November. However, I asked nicely for a teaser and here it is - for the readers of Invisible Movement.

Tanya Vece: For years now I have been referring to you as my inspiration and genius. But everytime people who don't know you approach you they yell John Mother Fucking Frusciante! How do you feel about it?

John Frusciante: (laughs) Anthony started it. He said it at a concert once and it stuck. Even the wheat grass guy at Whole Foods said "shot ready for John Mother Fucking Frusciante". It's funny.

Courtesy if Invisible Movement

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